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1.   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1  He never _______ (go) to parties.

2  _______ you _______ (want) another drink?

3  She _______ (wait) for a phone call from Ben. He usually phones at this time.

4  Why _______ you _______ (never wear) skirts? No real reason.

5  _______ you _______ (understand) these questions? I don’t!

2.   Make questions from these words.

1  Which book/you read/at the moment?


2  What/Kate and Ronnie/do now?


3  When/you leave/tomorrow?


4  What/you usually have/for breakfast?


5  Which coffee/you prefer? Italian or French?



3.   Choose the best word to complete the sentences.

1  She was so _______ to give her sister all that money.

2  He’s very _______. Sometimes I get a headache listening to him!

3  Don’t be so _______! It’s not going to rain!

4  He was really _______ in class yesterday. I laughed all morning!

5  Don’t be _______. Wait for just a few minutes.


4.   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1  My brother can’t stand _______ (listen) to rap music.

2  Jack doesn’t want _______ (go) to the concert tonight.

3  When they went to the cinema he pretended _______ (be) eighteen.

4  Do you fancy _______ (eat out) this evening?

5  He’s so kind. He offered _______ (help) me with my homework.

5.   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

         can’t help     refuse     avoid     spend     don’t mind

1  When I’m on a diet I _______ eating cakes and biscuits.

2  The teacher _______ to give me more time for the work when I asked him.

3  I _______ waiting if you’re not ready yet.

4  My sister _______ hours on the phone!

5  Sometimes I _______ laughing at his silly jokes!

Everyday English

6.   Choose the correct answers.

1  What do you like doing / making at the weekend?  

2  What more / else do you like?  

3  I enjoy to cycle / cycling

4  I’d rather / prefer go shopping. 

5  I very / quite like playing tennis. 


7.  Rewrite the sentences in the negative.

1  We went surfing in Australia last year.


2  He became a professional tennis player in 2007.


3  They won four competitions last summer.


4  He knew the other players well.


5  I kicked the referee!


8.  Make questions in the past simple from these words.

1  You/score/many points?


2  When/he/compete in/the championships?


3  Who/they/play against/last weekend?


4  When/you/learn/play badminton?


5  Why/he/be/late for the game?



9.  Choose the correct answers.

1  I played surfing / table tennis at school.  

2  My son did judo / swimming last year.  

3  We often go cycling / weightlifting in the forest at the weekend.  

4  Jan did rugby / gymnastics until she was ten.  

5  Can you surf / row a boat? I can’t!


10.  Make sentences or questions in the past continuous using these words.

1  I/not drive/the car


2  it/rain/this morning


3  you/wait for/your parents?


4  he/practise tennis/in the garden


5  people cheer/during the match


11.  Complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in the box.

wait     chat     cook     pass     arrive

1  He _______ the ball to Jones and then ran down the pitch.

2  When I _______ home Kate was working.

3  While I _______ to Sue, the phone rang.

4  I _______ for you in the car park when it started to rain.

5  He _______ dinner while I was watching TV.

Everyday English

12.  Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box.

good     get     proud     well     shame  

1  My parents were _______ when I won.

2  Sorry you’re ill. _______ well soon!

3  What a fantastic result. _______ done!

4  It’s such a _______ that they didn’t


13.  Complete the sentences with some or any.

1  Did you get _______ bread this morning?

2  I’ve made _______ sandwiches for you.

3  She didn’t get _______ e-mails yesterday.

4  Did you see _______ spiders in Australia?

5  There are _______ photos of Gary in the newspaper!

14.  Choose the correct answers.

1  I didn’t do much / many homework last night. 

2  We saw a lot of / much people at the airport.  

3  Can you give the cat a little / a few milk?

4  There are a little / a few words in the text I don’t understand.  

5  There weren’t much / many people in the restaurant on Saturday.  


15.  Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1  Go through the _______ into the field.

2  Post your letters in the _______.

3  People put their _______ on the pavement every Monday for rubbish collection.

4  There’s a lovely walk along the _______ by the river. There are no cars or cyclists.

5  We’ve got some fish in the small _______ at the bottom of our garden.


16.  Complete the sentences with a or the.

1  Can you take _______ dog for walks when I’m away?

2  She’s _______ teacher at the school.

3  Your daughter is _______ very good student.

4  One day I’d like to travel around _______ world.

5  We’ve got _______ new plasma TV!

17.  Correct the sentences.

1  I hate the cloudy days.


2  The shops in village open quite early.


3  Woods near our house are really beautiful.


4  The people don’t spend enough time in the countryside.


5  It’s good for a children to exercise regularly.


Everyday English

18.  Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box.

at     get     end     straight     there

1  After the bank go _______ on for a kilometre.

2  Can you tell me how to _______ to the church?

3  Turn right _______ the supermarket.

4  Go to the _______ of the road and turn left.

5  Is _______ a post office near here?


19.  Complete the sentences with the comparative forms of the adjectives in brackets.

1  Comedies are _______ (entertaining) than documentaries.

2  He’s _______ (funny) than Tom Hanks.

3  She’s a _______ (good) director than the man who won.

4  Maths is _______ (boring) than History.

5  He’s _______ (popular) than his brother.

20.  Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives in the box.

healthy     fast     long     untidy     interesting

1  It’s the _______ film I’ve ever seen. It was five hours!

2  His new car is the _______ in town. It goes over 150 km an hour.

3  The fruit salad is the _______ dessert on the menu.

4  My parents’ room is the _______ in the house!

5  That’s the _______ article he’s written.   


21.  Complete the sentences with the correct adjectives.

1  It’s a very _______ film. I had bad dreams for months.

2  It’s a very _______ film. I laughed a lot.

3  It’s a _______ film. There’s lot of blood!

4  It’s a very _______ film. Everyone cried.

5  It’s a very _______ film. I was on the edge of my seat!


22.  Complete the sentences with as...as, enough or too and the words in brackets.

1  The new James Bond is _______ (good) the last actor.

2  This film’s _______ (scary) for me. I’m leaving.

3  Have you had _______ (food)? I don’t want you to be hungry.

4  It’s _______ (hot) in here. Can you turn the heating down?

5  She looks very young but she’s _______ (old) my mum!

6  The water isn’t _______ (warm) to go swimming. You’ll freeze!

7  The new comedy series isn’t _______ (popular) the first one.

8  I’d like a new DVD recorder but it’s _______ (expensive).

9  Did you spend _______ (time) on this homework?

10  I’m not _______ (good at English) Maria.

Everyday English

23.  Put the words into the correct order to make a sentence.

1  three book like to I’d tickets


2  to showing the we’re 5.30 p.m. going


3  £22 be that’ll


4  that repeat please you could?


5  change your here’s


24.   Write sentences in the present perfect using these words.

1  How long/you/study/at this school?


2  How long/Elsa/have her mobile phone?


3  How long/the students/be/in the canteen?


4  How long/you/know/Tim?


5  How long/they/live/in this town?


25.  Complete the sentences with for or since.

1  He hasn’t called me _______ two days.

2  We’ve been here _______ half an hour.

3  They’ve been married _______ September.

4  I haven’t spoken English _______ I was there on holiday.

5  Miss Gates has taught us _______ 2006.


26.   Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1  I bought some stamps at the _______.

2  I bought a tennis racquet at the _______.

3  I bought some perfume at the _______.

4  I bought a magazine at the _______.

5  I bought a dress at the _______.

27.   Complete the dialogues with the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

A:  Dave _______ (invite) me to his party yesterday. Are you going?

     B:  He _______ (ask) me yet.

2   A:  _______ you _______ (write) to Sam yet?

     B:  Yes. I _______ (e-mail) him last night.

A:  I _______ (never be) to Ireland.

     B:  I have. I _______ (go) two years ago. It’s beautiful.

A:  My parents _______ (recently start) their own business.

     B: Really? When _______ it _______ (open)?

A:  _______ your sister_______ (take) her exams yet?

     B:  Yes. She _______ (get) her results yesterday.

Everyday English

28.   Choose the correct answers.

1  I’m seeing / looking for some trainers. 

2  They’re near the changing / moving rooms.

3  Have you got it by / in a size 12?  

4  Can I bring it in / back if it doesn’t fit? 

5  Keep the paper / receipt.


29.   Complete the dialogues with the correct form of will or going to with the verbs in brackets.

1  Help me! I _______ (fall)!

Don’t worry. I _______ (catch) you.

2  _______ you _______ (see) Gary after school?

No, not today. He _______ (do) some work on his computer.

3  What _______ you _______ (do) on holiday?

We _______ (decide) when we get there.

4  We ________ (pick) you up at 6.30 p.m.

Thanks. That _______ (be) great!

5  Be careful! The toast _______ (burn)!

I _______ (switch off) the toaster.


30.   Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

off     out     up     off     up

1  Please turn _______ the radio. I can’t hear it.

2  I always switch _______ my mobile phone in the cinema.

3  Can you pick _______ the disks from the table and bring them to the meeting?

4  Take _______ your headphones and then you can hear what I’m saying!

5  She took _______ her digital camera and started taking photos.




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